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  • The protagonists of this documentary are persons whose legacy and history is still alive. They fought for a "better world", but more powerful parts came into scene and designed a "free world"  of their own where those comrades who gave their lifes fighting against fascism, who were persecuted and finally exiled, didn't fit anymore. 60 years later, from  one of the places where the memory of the last witness is still alive, is time to discover the real reasons of that shameful and inhumane act and the implications of some countries in its negotiation and execution.

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  • Release Date
  • Release Dates
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  • Filming Locations
    • Bilbao
    • Durango
    • Irun
    • Madrid
    • Barcelona
    • París
    • Corcega
    • Tolouse
  • Filming Dates
    • 20/02/2012 - 01/09/2013
  • Runtime
    1 hour 11 minutes

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